Who We Are?

We’re dedicated to fulfilling the promise of human potential, in all places, in all aspects and stages of life with quality products. We believe that health is the key to that promise. Because at our healthiest, we’re capable of achieving anything. And that’s why our pursuit of building quality in products which helps people to achieve their best health at every life stage will never end. This is how we put that belief into practice each and every day.

Our Promises

We are here to serve the best quality products to all the healthcare professionals and the end user with an ease in their pursuit of healthy lives. This has been the way of RLV Lifesciences for more than a year—passionately and thoughtfully translating science into lasting contributions to health. 

Our products encircle life, from newborns to aging adults, from nutraceutical, medicinal and herbal medicinal products. Quality and cost effectiveness is central to the work we do and defines our responsibility to those we serve. We advance leading-edge pharmaceutical science and technologies that hold the potential to development quality products and sustain cost effectiveness in market. 

We value our diversity—that of our products, technologies, markets and people—and believe that diverse perspectives combined with shared goals inspire new ideas and better ways of addressing changing medicinal needs. We focus on exceptional performance—a hallmark of RLV people worldwide—demanding of ourselves and each other because our work impacts people’s lives. We set stringent standards of quality, safety and efficacy for all our products. We strive to earn the trust of those we serve by committing to the highest standards of quality and integrity.



  • To excel as a top leading pharmaceutical industry and become world player in national and international market .
  • To produce quality in medicine with judicious use of medicines to create a healthy world.


  • To manufacture quality, therapeutically effective and efficient products.
  • To attain Healthcare professional and patients satisfaction and delivering products which support to overcome and attain healthy and peaceful life.
  • To continuously innovate and upgrade the existing medicine to generate versatility in existing disease management system.
  • To mark our strong presence in the international market and ethically and competently.

Research and Development

We believe and continuously inclined to innovate and develop the new dosage forms, new techniques of drug delivery systems to modify the existing medicine practice being done on the patients. We try to increase the ease, cost effective and therapeutically efficient products for upgrading the trend of patient care.